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50th Annual Show:
23rd - 24th August 08

The Annual Show was very well attended.  There were over 40 exhibitors from all over the country.
Deputy Mayor of Kenilworth opens the MDS Annual show

The Deputy Mayor of Kenilworth, Richard Davies, opened the show.  He had some fond memories of Dahlias, having watched his father grow them

Tom McLelland gets the National Dahlia Society Silver Medal
One of the many highlights of the show was Tom McLelland getting the National Dahlia Society Silver Medal from Joe Batten for all his work, breeding, showing and helping others with Dahlais.

Tom McLelland with his silver medal
Tom and his wife with NDS chairman Joe Batten and MDS chairman Ron Guest.

Tom McLelland with Weston Spanish Dancer and Weston Pirate Dahlias
Tom McLelland shows off his silver medal with two of his 'creations' Weston Spanish Dancer in on the left and Weston Pirate is on the right.

Best Vase in Annual Show and the Welsh Dahlia Society Silver medal were won by  John Digweed with Barbarry Maverick,. 
He also won the Welsh Dahlia Society Bronze medal for the best vase in the members entries.

Both medals were donated by the WDS, specially for the 50th anniversary show, thank you. 
John Digweed wins the Best Vase in show 2008