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The Midlands Dahlia Society


The Midlands Dahlia Society

Meetings 2019


(held at the     Kenilworth Sports and Social Club)

Tuber Sale                                                 Tues    Jan 15th      8.00pm
Come and get your tubers for 2019

60th AGM                                                   Wed    Feb 20th      8.00pm
Vote for your Committee members


Talk Dahlias by Andrew Robinson            Wed    Mar 20th     8.00pm
Andrew won the Individual Championship at Wisley last year.


Talk  by Peter Preece on WIldlife              Tues    Apr 16th    8.00pm

  David Spencer  on Dahlias              Tues    Oct 15th    8.00pm     

Talk on New Varieties                                Wed    Dec 11th  8.00pm
Mr. Dave Reid & Mr Dave Bates talking about new varieties that have caught their attention this year, as well as the Leeds trials and this year's show highlights.