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55th Annual Show 24th, 25th August 13

The Midlands Dahlia Society Annual Show had the most exhibitors and exhibits in a long time. amongst the 50 exhibitors were several exhibitors from the north - since the weather had encouraged early blooms, particularly the giants, as well as the south of the country. The honours were shared across many exhibitors.

Midlands 55th annual Show


Phil Watson is Midlands Champion.

Phil is Mindlands champion The NDS Silver Medal and Midlands Championship for the Mawby trophy were won by Phil Watson, visiting the show for the first time after many years of encouragement, with an outstanding entry comprising: Eastwood Moonlight, Oakwood Goldcrest, Gateshead Festival and Kenora Challenger. Phil also won the Lady Godiva Trophy showing: Charlie Two, Eastwood Moonlight, Oakwood Goldcrest and Leopold Chloe. The latter vase won the S & E Braddock Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the best vase of Small/min Ball in show.

In other classes Phil won the Gordon Steel Trophy with two vases of Westerton Harry – medium decs. shown on the right.

Phil won the 20 bloom Bruce Watson and nine bloom Elaine Fenton Trophies. His Kenora Challenger bloom in the latter class won Phil the Leslie Jones Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the best vase of Large or Giant Cactus and / or Semi-Cactus in the show.

Gordon steel winning entry
 Ray wins the Philip Damp Trophy  

Ray Weeks
came down from Merseyside to win the Philip Damp Trophy for six blooms Giant Decs, in a class of 12 entries. Ray’s entry comprised: Sir Alf Ramsey, Bryn Terfel and one of the best Fairway Spur ever seen at the show.

also won the George Woodfield Trophy for a superb Sir Alf Ramsey.

John Jack won the Leicester Challenge Cup showing 3 Rose Jupiter. John also won the Styvechale Trophy for two better than usual quality vases off Kiwi Gloria, which also were awarded the Eddie Durrant Memorial Trophy for best vase of small / Miniature cactus in show.

Click on each of the bottom two blooms for a closer look.
 John Jack wins best vase small cactus

Frank wins Stella Trophy

Frank Newbery wins the Stella Trophy with Gillwood Terry G and Dikara Superb.
Gavin wins Dennis Watson Trophy
Gavin Carter
won the Dennis Watson Trophy with two vases of Hillcrest Candy.