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One Day Show 19th September 10

The final society show of the year saw 14 exhibitors put up 43 entries, down on last year, but still good given the weather in recent days..

Gabby Hayes wins the NDS Silver Medal .

George MarstonGabby's best in show winning entry in class 12 - was 5 nice blooms of George Marston, the new min ball from John Digweed.. 

George Marston
Janal AmyBrian Caswell won the NDS Bronze Medal for second best exhibit in show with 3 blooms of Janal Amy.. 


There were quite a few entries in the large and giant classes.  Peter Club won the battle of the Kenora Challengers.

Below is Tim William's winning entry in class3 with Elma E and Janal Amy.
Large and Giant entries
Classs 3