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Single Bloom Show 13th August 13

With the the sun shining, the evening saw 22 exhibitors stage 135 vases at this first Midlands show of the year.

The prizes were evenly spread, several new exhibitors being awarded prizes.  The Novice section had 22 entries - a very good set of blooms.  We thank Maurice Woodfield, and by Cliff Wragg for judging the show.

Single Bloom Show 2013

Members looking at the entries

Peter Clubb wins Best in Show.

Society President Rob Guest presents Peter with the bottle of whisky.

Peter Clubb wins best in Show
What Peter did not realise was that Ron was giving him the runner up prize - Ron having won 2nd best in show!

Peter took it in good spirits.

Peter with the corect prize
 Peter won with a Pom - Rhonda, in class 16: see picture below:

Peter's winning entry
Peter wins class 5
   Peter also won class 5 with Charlie Clark

Ron Guest wins Runner up - Best in Show with Shevan Megan in class 7 - small decorative, see photo below.

Ron Guest with Shevan Megan

Ron Guest wins as runner up.

He received his small bottle of whiskey prize from Rob Cheetham.
.Rob won class 8 with Oakwood Goldcrest.

Rob wins small semi cactus