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6 of the Best: Wed 16th Apr 08

Mark Roberts gave a very interesting talk on growing vegetables.  Over 30 members were present to hear Mark describe why he started to grow vegetables and how he goes about it.

Collection of 6 vegetables, the Ayr Flwer Show Trophy

In the picture above Mark shows his 1st prize awarded at the 2007 National Vegetable Society Malvern Show.  This was for the Ayr Flower Show Trophy, with a collection of 6 vegetables - hence the title of the talk - '6 of the Best'.

Mark admits to not being a natural gardener.  However when the opportunity arose to do something with an allotment, he decided to 'get a collection' of vegetables.  He was advised that it would take him up to 15 years to get to the 'top'.  To his credit, and obvious hard work, he achieved the 1st prize in only 3 years of competition.  Well done Mark.