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Seedlings Wed 19th Mar 08

Roger Turrell and Terry Bratcher visited us and gave a very interesting talk on Seedlings together with many tips from their experience in growing Dahlias.  There were about 25 members present to hear the talk.

Roger Turrell and Terry Bratcher

They jointly grow 1500 plants, most of them within a walled garden.  They tend to grow the same varieties in the same bed each year ( I think that this is so they can remember where they are!).  There was some discussion about how many cuttings to take from 1st year seedlings.

Terry emphasised the importance of developing a good set of roots on cuttings and the use of square 3.5" pots would minimise the plant becoming pot bound.  He also advised that if there were any indications of red spider then if you rub your thumb under the leaf and it became brown then you need to spray (the plant that is!).