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Propagation and Planting Out Talks  Wed 15th April 09

Over 35 members attended the Meeting to hear two talks:

Propagation by Les Jones

Les gave a practical demonstration of how to propagate Dahlias from tubers.  He brought several tubers which had good shoots.   

He started with Split Tubers.  The first thing to do is get a big knife!  This is used to split the tuber from the centre.  Then the individual tuber / shoots can be potted on.

Splitting tubers

Les then moved on to Cuttings.   These should be planted in a 50/50 mixture of Perlite and Peat in a tray.  Silver sand should be sprinkled on top.   This is so that when the hole for the cutting is made (with a pencil) some of the sand falls into the hole and helps drainage.  Bottom heat is important.

dahlia cuttings

 Audience participation was encouraged.  Here Cord and friend from Wellesbourne had a go at taking cuttings from a tuber.

taking dahlia cuttings

If you do not have 'bottom heat' then placing a cutting in a pot covered with a plastic bag can be done.

AA variation on this theme is to place several cuttings in some damp peat and rolled up together in a 'plastic sleeve' as can be seen below.  Once rolled up they are secured with a plastic band and should root in approx 3 weeks.

dahlia cuttings in a plastic sleeve dahlia cuttings in peat

Les ended his demonstration with a Q & A session.  One question was about what to do is a cutting had a hollow stem.  He said move to the next pair of leaves up the stem.  He also commented that if an internodal cutting was taken   ( i.e. in the middle between pairs of leaves rather than just below a pair of leaves) then it would take and flower in year 1, however it would be blind in year 2!