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         Wild Life Talk             Wed 18th Mar 09

Wild Life Talk

Over 30 members attended the Wild Life talk by Graham Robson.  Graham is a retired farmer who lives in Marton.  He has filmed wild life at a pool, in 1 acre of ground, on his site - Tithe Barn.  Since this is nearby, the video reflected wild life in Warwickshire in the last two years.  The main species shown were: dragonflies, Butterflies and birds.

We saw film of a stoat stealing birds eggs - the birds could not fight it off.  We saw Coots chicks being fed eels.  We saw Canada geese - Graham does not like these - they are very dirty.  The Kingfisher was filmed perched on a special perch Graham had set up.  We also saw some Lapwings - not so common now.