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Dahlia Classification - talk by Dave Bates

30 members attended the meeting to listen to Dave's talk on classification.  The talk covered the history of classifying dahlias, as well as some challenges for the future.

Dave is on the NDS classification committee.  He has his own web site - http://www.dahliaworld.co.uk  which is an 'encyclopaedia' on dahlias.

Dave Bates

1798  some dahlia seeds were sent to the botanical gardens in Madrid.  These were 'species' seeds.


1800   The seeds grew and hybridisation of dahlia occurred.  It was necessary to decide on identifying the types of dahlia.


1904  The first guide was created by the NDS: 

Single Dahliayellow centres
Cactus Dahlialong narrow pointed florets
Pompon Dahlialittle bees wing is the oldest known
Show Dahliaperfect ball, self colour
Fancy Dahliawhite tips


1924  The NDS Annual listed classification groups - most were peony flowered dahlias!


1948  The first classified directory was produced.  This listed dahlia types and names, but did not state colours.