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New Varieties - talk by Dave Reid and Dave Bates

40 members attended the last meeting of the year to listen to Dave and Dave talk about New Varieties that had caught their eye in the last year, as well as the Leeds Trials.

Dave Reid started with his talk on New Varieties by mentioning three varieties that had starred at this year's Midlands show - Kilburn FiestaJean Shaw and Tom McClellandDave was also keen on Trooper Dan - see opposite.
Dave's 'Bloom of the Year' is Hillcrest Candy which is almost a large. NB it grows to 5ft tall.



Kilburn Fiesta was a chance seedling by Graham Hill, which won a Bronze medal at Leeds trial 2009.  It will be released this year by halls.  It has a bright 'new' colour.Kilburn Fiesta
Jean ShawJean Shaw is a Giant Dec which Graham Hill's father, Ian, won best Giant Dec in this year's Midlands show.
The new seedling which Mark Roberts won the Midlands seedling class this year was named after Tom McClelland who introduced many miniatures over the last few years, including Weston Stardust see Leeds trials.  It is expected that this will be released by Halls in 2012 and will have many successes in shows. Tom McClelland


Not sure whether Dave has expectations of the next bloom - a sport of Bryn Terfel!!!!

A new bloom from Ken Stock - Party Princess, caught Dave's eye - is is shown below:Party Princess
Bry Terfel Sport
Midnight Star from Dave Bates was highlighted - see right:

Midnight Star