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 Tuber Sale Wed 16th Jan 14

Prices down on  last year!

Nearly 50 members attended this year's sale. Quantities were down - probably due to the wet weather and tubers rotting.  Prices were down on last year - it seemed that people came for specific varieties.
Thanks to all who brought tubers for sale and those who helped in the sale, setting up, clearing down and providing sandwiches & cake.

Weston melody goes for £9.50 

In the last bid of the sale two members wanted a tuber of Weston Melody.  The price reached was £9.50!  A much higher price than the £1.60 reached in 2012.weston melody 
The highest prices were paid for Giants - few tubers and a few determined bidders meant that Janal Amy  went for £5.70 and John Hill for £4.00. 

Tuber Sale 2014  

This year's tuber sale was well attended - see above photo.  There were 66 different varieties of tuber for sale, the same as last year.  There were a lot of Medium Decs - 9 varieties as against 4 last year   A complete list of the prices can be seen here:   Tuber sale prices