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Plant Sale: Sun 11th May 08

Midlands Dahlia Socxiety annual plant sale

The annual plant sale was held at Wellesbourne village hall with over 50 people in attendance.  Thanks to Howard Richards who provided some of the photos on this page.

MDS plant sale Wellesbourne 2008

Bidding was lively - starting with £2 paid for Evoca Salmon plants.  This was followed by bids of £3 for Alf Ramsey - the popular Giant Dec.

Dahlia plant sale - auction in progress

The highest bid was for a Pom Pon Hallmark - pink in colour.  This soared to £4.60 per plant!  Such are the vagaries of the 'market' - I paid £1.70 each  for 3 plants  of Moor place, also a Pom Pon.

MDS plant sale - begonias and other plants for sale

Plants other than Dahlias were on sale.  Here we can see Ron (the chairman) explaining how large his special begonias will grow, and at such a bargain price.  I think the most unusual item sold was some 'organic' Rhubarb, with a wine recipe attached!