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Propagation 2011 - LED grow lights project

If you recall last year I described how I built my hot beds to propagate my tubers.
 I also included pictures of how the MDS Chairman - Ron Guest, propagates his
 tubers.  MDS Tuber Propagation - Hot Bed

 This year I have decided to move the hot beds to the cellar.  This necessitates I
 have some lighting.  Having looked at various lighting technologies, I decided to
 make my own LED grow lights.  Below you can see all 4 lights above the two hot beds.  Each light is 500mm wide.





grow lights located in cellar


 In designing the lights several questions arise:

 How much light do dahlias require to propagate? ( same as midday sun?)
 Which LEDs are best? ( led technology is moving apace)
 Who else may be designing LED grow lights? (no point in redesigning the
 Do I need Red and Blue LEDs? (most led grow lights advertised stress
 the benefits of Red & Blue)
 How efficient will the lights be? ( I don't want enormous electricity bills!)
 What research has been done on the benefits of LED grow lights? (just to
 know they will be beneficial)